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Spyder Black Widow motor problem ?


Hi and thanks in advance for any advice. One of the props on the boat runs slower than itís shipmate lol sometimes it will run at full speed then almost stop obviously rendering the boat unusable, Iíve looked at trying to lubricate the shaft but canít see how to remove the propeller, looks to be made of some kind of plastic and scared I may break it without knowing correct procedure, was hoping with prop removed I may be able to force some lubricant into shaft hoping that may work without me having to split the top from the hull, if thatís the only option I may as well sort the RC to 2.4 whilst at it, is there a kit available to do this without to much soldering as Iím 71 and my eyesight is not as good as it was lol, boat was expensive when new and I donít really want to consign it to scrap. Thanks again for any help.


I would start by turning each shaft by hand to see if there is a similar amount of resistance in the drive system. The next thing I would check is that the connectors are all tight and clean with no sign of corrosion. Change them if they are not in good condition.

If you have access to a multimeter, you can check to see if both motors are drawing a similar amount of current. If the shaft is binding the current will be high. If there is an issue with one of the connectors or with the motor brushes the current will be lower than the other motor. Some motors have advanced timing, so will run better in one direction than in the opposite direction. This can cause problems if the props are contra-roating.

Hi thanks for the reply, both shafts do feel around the same unfortunately being a tri hull I canít access the connections without removing the topsides, seems like thereís no option lol Iíll update thread when I have managed to separate the hull


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