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Hi All

I'm really enjoying the build process of my Amati Riva Aquarama, it's so rewarding to see the classic beauty of the boat emerge from the component parts.  And so starting to consider what comes next, maybe the title of the post gives that away...

I'm learning a lot about the 1/10 scale Aquarama build and quite like the idea of doing it again, improving my implementation in several areas, and taking on the general challenges of scaling up.  I'm thinking that the plans I have can be generally scaled up, with some thought given to materials and hardware.

The 1/10 scale is my first real build for 30 years, so I'd welcome some input as I start to plan out how to approach the project.  I have acquired tools, materials, contacts and techniques that should carry over nicely into the larger version, but would be grateful for comments on some initial planning thoughts.  I have nothing yet in terms of specific materials or hardware, so all up for consideration.

Construction would I think stay quite faithful to the 1/10 build with suitable scaling of materials.

My current build is 860mm loa, and a beam of 270mm at the widest point.  Weight is currently 4.0kg and will end up close to 4.5kg I think.  A doubling of those dimensions would make the new build around 1700mm loa and a beam of 540mm.  First question, how to estimate the target weight...?  It's not a doubling, should I assume around 3x as a guide..? That would make a target weight around 12 - 15kg, is that a reasonable assumption..?

Then the running hardware.  Looking at other builds at this sort of size, a pair of brushless outrunners, say the Overlander / Surpass 5055 model feels about right.  1550w, so around 2hp each, 570kv and can handle up to 24v and have a 65A max rating.  So running them on say 5S lipos would spin them at around 10,000 rpm.  I'm running FrSky and really like the Neuron 40S ESCs on my current build, I'd like to go with the 80S versions on the new build, they handle 80A, 120A burst so seem about right.  An overall 4hp seems a lot to me... But I'd be happy to restrict the top end power or play with the LiPo voltage rather than end up with anything under powered.

I'm thinking 5mm exposed propshafts, I'll make up the tubes and P brackets.  No idea what props these motors would optimally drive...  Any comments gratefully received.  I'd want to use Prop Shop units, so maybe I should ask Simon what he thinks once I've arrived at the correct power and RPM targets.

What do we think...?

Hi David

My first thoughts were if I'd made such a lovely build already of a Riva I wouldn't want to do another one, but that's just me!

But having thought some more I can see where you're coming from. You've learnt a great deal from your first build and know where you want to do things differently. Having already done it is really the only way to highlight "improvements" though I think most of us would be more than happy with your 1:10 version.

Your reasoning on upsizing all sounds pretty good to me. Have you made a list of things you want to do differently and possible ways of achieving them? One thing I can think of is that reducing weight can be considered at the design stage rather than during the build.

Obviously UKMike will as usual be an excellent source of information and be able to offer constructive advice given his experience of building a bigger Riva.

Again, I will look forward to the build.


You may be able to extract some information from this site. I am not certain if they are still active.


and their FB page

and also


They quote 1/6 as being 137 cm x  43 cm - they produced some awesome fittings ($$$)

I have in my fleet one of the models featured in their FB pages "ROCKET" - a beauty



Very nice!

Had a look at your first link - you could soon tot up some serious expense!


Morning Both

Thanks for the comments, some great information in those links 3PO, I hadn't seen them before...

@Chris, you're right.  I think that building the same boat again allows the benefit of hindsight, how it should have been done in the first place.  As you point out, weight is a major one of those things.  I now know that so much can be taken out of the frames, a lot of the wood is overkill once the planks are on and the hull shape achieved. The bow is a particular issue as its pretty much inaccessible once the first frames are installed. I know that a better engine / shaft arrangement can be arrived at that runs quieter. Most of all I have just run out of room on the 1/10th everything is constrained by the space available. If I want to take out the Rx, almost everything else has to come out first.  I enjoy the electronics side, I know I can improve the sound system.  I'd like to integrate the vapour system in the 1/10th, but have run out of room...

And in terms of cost...  It would be a lengthy project I think, so a spread cost.  And I've probably spent 3x more on tools than the cost of the 1/10 Riva kit, so would be good to give the tools a bit of a workout..!  And thinking about it, I've binned a lot of the kit fittings to make up my own, practice for the next one...  UKMike has indeed led the way with techniques and fabricating Aquarama hardware.

@C-3PO, the links to the German sites are very interesting indeed, some techniques there that I've not seen.  Interesting discussion of materials and running hardware used. I like the method of creating the padding effect on the upholstery, will be looking at that for the 1/10 upholstery.  Interesting motor mounts too.

And love the 'Rocket'..!

Best regards


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