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Sarik small yacht build project


Hi to us few who sail the waves with rag and stick. 

I received an email as above and there was a 1 hour build blog of a small yacht.  A worthy subject I thought.  However this I think 22 inch hull was constructed very nicely and then had several layers of glass fibre overlaying the wood.  The covering doubled the build time and had to have so much filler, it was all IMHO wasted effort.

I have yachts that are over 50 years old and there is no problem with the hull wood failing and the finish is also very good+.  The strength as needed for the hull is appropriate.  Much as it is nice to do the construction I think probably one layer of resin soaked into the wood to harden it and then wet and dry sanding is enough.

There is a place for lightweight hulls which are mainly glass fibre structures but making a sturdy hull and taking care with planking etc is enough.

I also feel that not enough attention is paid to producing a set of sails.  To see the all too familiar arc between the sail and the boom and the over large brass rings around the mast makes me think of re-purposing old hankies.  A quick look on-line shows how the full size sails  fit both on the mast and on the booms.  If you have made a nice hull the engine (sails) is also worthy of attention. 
Most of it is not a mystery and there are simple ways without using a sewing machine to do the job.  I can produce a set of sails in a day sans sewing machine, far less time than building the hull.

How do others feel about the above, personally I use modern practices but some are not really apropriate and also over-kill.


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