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UV curing clear resin for glazing portholes.

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I'm confused about how the1-part resins cure. I need to glaze 20 or so 6mm portholes which are sealed at the back. There are several "dropper" sized bottles of the UV  jewellery type available for little money and these would be ideal for a drop per port but has anyone tried them or is it just as good using a clear coating resin?

Any advice please?

Use glue and glaze

some of these you need to use a uv tourch to cure it. Best experminting first.

Colin Bishop:
The disadvantage of using resin to simulate porthole glazing is that you always get a meniscus effect where the surface is concave. It never looks quite right. Ideally you need flat transparent discs glued into the porthole.

You can often do this by punching out discs from transparent plastic to fit in the porthole using a revolving leather or individual hole punch set. Apply epoxy or superglue to the back of the porthole to fix the glazing in place.


If you go down the glazing route do a bit of experimenting first as superglue can make some clear plastics go very hazy.



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