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Waterline marking?

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Hi guys,

What's a good solid way to put the waterline on the hull to mark where to mask etc.

My hull will be 3 colours so I'm going to need to put 2 waterlines, my hull is large (1/12 scale - 1.8m TID).

I know we can buy a tool for this but cheapest i found was around 40-50!! but I've heard of people making there own jigs that holds a pencil etc? any info much appreciated!


Re: "Envoy class HMRT Enigma" is a thread from Radiojoe in 2014, so if you do a search for it there's a photo of one he made.

Yes, make your own jig.  :}
 This one was made using the frame cut outs.

that looks simple enough! :) Thanks buddy

Fred Ellis:
Squires Model & Craft tools used to do one


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