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Build Number 12 of The Year - Release The Kraken!

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Build number 12 of the year (and probably my last) is the boat the guys at work have named the 'HMS Christmas Bonus', my new Prestwich Models Kraken.

This is and all carbon fibre Kraken 52 which I picked up two weeks ago, with a Dave Marles tuned Tiger King 29cc engine, producing a peak horsepower of 7.95 at 14,700rpm - still producing 5.9bhp at 19,000rpm on water. It's paired with a Prestwich stainless steel braized pipe and a 7015/3 prop. Radio is Futaba, with a Savox 1270TG on rudder & Hitec 5495MH on throttle, powered off a 7.4v Li-Po and with a Model Radio Workshop radio killswitch connected up to stop the engine.

Was hoping to test run it tomorrow, but Mr Postie is yet to bring me the bottle of oil I ordered so video of it running shall follow in the next few weeks :-))

I thought we named it Snot Bogie?

Got it down the lake for the first time yesterday, is running well. Have put about a litre and a half of petrol through the motor so I'm nowhere near opening the taps yet but I've put some video up anyway :-))

Awesome build and performance..!!  Great sound when it comes onto the pipe.  :-))

Cheers, does sound great. It's not yet coming on pipe as I've got it way out at about 340mm. After a couple more litres of fuel I'll start bringing it in


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