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I am about to start building a Ro-Marin (Robbe) Paula 3 and wondered if any one could recommend a suitable motor.

The kit came without a motor but the instructions suggest fitting a Krick Max Power 600 motor. I have been unable to find a vendor for this motor in the UK and the shipping fees incurred from sourcing one from Germany are prohibitively expensive.

The motor will be driving a 35 mm, 30 mm pitch, brass prop rather than the plastic prop supplied with the kit.

I am looking for a motor that will provide a longer running time rather than speed when coupled to a suitable battery.

Any help appreciated.

Kind regards,

Martin [Admin]:

 One of these should be good ....

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your prompt reply.

Yes, Component Shop have quite an extensive range of motors and from experience they provide really excellent customer service.

Are you able to suggest a specific motor from their range that would meet my requirements?

Kind regards,

The ones Martin showed are both ok.
Depending on the voltage of the battery.
6v 540, 12v 555
That would be my choice.


Hi Ned,

Thanks for your reply.

When I originally looked at Martin's reply, I clicked on the link to Component Shops website (motor section) which pretty much resolved to their entire range - my mistake.

I should have clicked on the image that Martin had attached showing the four motors. As I will likely be powering it from a 6v battery the 540 DC motor without mount seems a good choice as confirmed by yourself. The motor is described as being "Noise Attenuated" I wonder how much quieter it is compared to a standard motor?

Anyway, thanks Martin and Ned, unless anyone else has an alternative suggestion then I will probably opt for the 540 DC motor (6-12v) Noise Attenuated.

Kind regards,


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