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Best light weight wood filler that adhere to finishing resin and glass


dillinger 04:
Hello Everyone 

I build a small wood model boat the design was intended as a static model build however I plan to make it into
a working model. I have tested and dry fitted the parts together to find gaps at the very front where the deck meets the bow
I looking for the best light weight wood filler that will give a good strong bond easy to sand and shape that adhere well to
finishing resin and light weight fiberglass cloth, or other product you might recommend to seal and sand with that adhere well to
strong light weight wood fillers .  Any help would be appreciated

Colin Bishop:
Best options are Ronseal High Performance Wood Filler

Or Isopon P38 automotive body filler

Both will do the job.


If the resin you are using is epoxy then a good lightweight filler can be made by adding microballoons. These will thicken the epoxy and you can vary the thickness by adding more microballoons. This will be easily sanded once it hardens and give a good finish.

You can use talc or chalk, mixed with resin or even araldite, as a filler instead of microballoons. 



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