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Aziz static to rc

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Bought this boat for a different type of modelling, usually do rc tanks. Fitted 2 rc car motors and a couple of 50 A marine esc's to check for leaks,( rudders and shafts ) thought this would be a fast conversion as it was built up. Found out that it need a lot of work, glue as dot and dab and many parts loose and water finding its way in all over the place. First up was remove the forward decking  an easy job due to the glue used. Fitted a bow thruster but changed it to the lowest possible position, removed the rubber fenders as the little chain fixing let the water in and fitted tubes for the anchors then sealed up all the holes. No leaks after repositioning bow thruster, deck and sealing up all the holes. Fitted an Action Electronics P93 and a P102 3 motor board, change the motors then blew the P93 (wrong polarity ) its away for repair. Have wired up a crawler/boat ABSIMA esc as a temp for the bow thruster , set radio to 50% travel to reduce the voltage but it also halfs the reverse to 25%. Will give it a sail to double check prop shafts and rudder for water.

4th time lucky no water in hull. Might change motors from 2.5 to 6/1 ratio or just set sticks for lower speed.  Bow looks down going but at rest is ok.

     What battery/motors combination are you using? That's way too fast for the type of boat, I used MMM T20 motors in all of my Tugs with 12 volt 7AH lead acid batteries but there are other alternatives i.e. brushless etc. Good luck with the progress.
           Regards, Pete. :-)) :-))

The white metal fittings will add a lot of weight high up, any good plastic fittings for the winches and crane. Has anyone used plastic/ styrene for ladders and the stairs and what size ,can't see 1/50 its all railway codes for size .

Hi FASTFAZ  Have mfa 919D motors with 2.5 gearing and a 12v 7 a/h battery. Gave it full stick to check the sealed up holes . I am thinking that for now i will just set limits on the sticks, this is my first boat . Going to try and set the radio up for the twin motors ,  one stick for motors forward/reverse and turning , other stick rudder and bow thruster .


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