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Das Werk SMU9 WW1 uboat kit


admiral donuts:
Has anyone thought about  converting this very reasonably priced kit to static diving. The SMU 9 scored some of the very first victories in 1914 when whist on patrol off Newcastle upon Tyne (area) she encountered and sank  HMS Cressy , HMS Aboukir  and HMS Hogue , the boat and it's commander Otto Wedingen were decorated on return to Kiel , her sister ship SMU 12 was sunk off Eyemouth and I used to dive this wreck in the late seventies , this war grave lies in about 50 metres of cold cold water



There is a very nice underwater photo on the "Das Werk" site - may bring back some memories!


admiral donuts:
Yes , that's SMU 12 alright  , visibility is exceptional in that shot , it's more often than not down to about 3 feet ,oops  I should say 1 meter

Iíve got the excellent kit of the SM U9 too.
I was considering a conversation in to a rc model but it would require removing all the support beams internally to create an area for a WTV to sit. An interesting modelling subject- it would sit nicely in another model as a recovered submarine sitting inside the Submarine Recovery Vessel SMS Vulkan.


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