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ex docky:
Has anyone had problems with delivery of kits marketed by John Hemmens?

PM sent,

ex docky:
The man took an order from me January 2020 for a Chimaera and modified Max 2 steam plant
To date I have payed for the kit and have only received the wooden part but only 50% of the fittings!
Despite pleading reasoning and eventually threatening legal action the supplier has not completed my order.
I cancelled the order for the steam plant.
Has anyone any advice?

Martin [Admin]:

Edited ....

Might be worth sending them an ( unemotional! ) itemised letter, listing what has been supplied and what's outstanding.

Important not to make threats, ask for expectations and provide all the references you can.

Send it recorded or special delivery.

.... any other advice chats?   :-)

ex docky:
Have tried that route as he was totally unaware what was still missing
I have tried all soft options.


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