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Author Topic: Andy M's modifications to the Thingiverse 3d printed open source outboard  (Read 2041 times)


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Cool Andy.
Fingers crossed its an easy fix and you can give it another run.
Well done Andy.
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Andy M

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I stripped the outboards and filed flats on the shafts and loctited the grubscrews in.
I have still to test the motors on the water, hopefully soon.
I have also done a bit more on the outdrive, I added more pla to the areas around the holes for the fixing bolts on the upper and lower gearcases. These areas are fairly thin, and the only bits holding the gearcases on so I beefed them up, a standard one is shown for comparison.
 I have pretty much finished the outdrive leg apart from shafts, gears etc.
 I will be moving onto doing these next, and then the motor mount for inside the boat. This will be bolted through the transom and outdrive leg to maintain alignment. I have ply sandwiched together to the same thickness as the transom and will be using this for building the motor mount onto, to get shaft length correct. I am also fitting a flexible coupling, so the motor needs to go forward a bit.
 I have it mostly worked out in my head, just got to convert it into bits of wood now.
 The outdrive looks not bad at all beside the Javelin, I wont properly know how it will look until I strip off all the outboard bracketry and fit it.
 I will be keeping the outboards on until I get some time with the boat on the water,  so it might be a while.
 Definately moving forward though.
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