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Help needed on wooden deck.


Hi chaps. I need to remove the paint from a badly painted wooden deck. I have tried using a bit of paint stripper on a small section, but the result is not to great. The paint comes off but the underlying wood is soft and lifting a bit. There is not a great deal of room for any sanding machine that I own and I tried hand sanding and that did not remove much paint. I am not sure what paint it is, but itís blue for some reason and very thick. Anyone know some better ways of getting the paint off. Thanks

for sanding tight areas I use those nail sanding pads the ladies have, they can get in quite small  areas, and if you need a special shape tip, are easy to trim to shape.

How big a deck is it.  I have an amount of 0.5mm x 5.5 mm white maple that you could glue over the existing (you might have to sand smooth existing first)

Thanks chaps. The deck is on an Engel submarine. Itís a pain to sand due to being below the outer casing of the hull.


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