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Tug Fairplay VI visiting Cuxhaven



returning to the roots:
30 years after commisioning of the original in the Mützelfeldt yard in Cuxhaven, the model came to the model-ship-pool in the same town, located at the "Alte Liebe"-pier.

The impressions were summarized in the video, including a meeting with the Halunder-jet.

Best regards

old man:
A nice taut sailer.

Capt Podge:
Well, she certainly goes nicely and with real vessels in the background becomes extra interesting.

That's a nice place to sail model boats as well.

Thank you for sharing Hans.


Thank you Ray,

the place is rigth on the shore of the river Elbe, with all the traffic from and to the port of Hamburg.
The pool was build specifically for model boats/ships and is on public ground.

Some special location.

Best Regards


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