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David - Dry Dock 3D:
I am not a painter  by any means and struggle due to an issue with my hands.

I wondered how people find painting eyes etc. This figure is 1/12 Scale.

Hi David

I have a book at home which teaches this subject- Iíll be home late tonight but Iíll fetch it out for you so you can see the method.

David - Dry Dock 3D:
Ahh Nick that would be awesome thanks buddy.

The Head, Body and Legs are designed to be separate to make it easier.. but the building up of colour etc I would like to refine :)

I used a texture primer on the clothing to make them feel worn than real than silky smooth.

The main bit of advice I received was not to paint them pure white, tint them with a bit of yellow. Also lots of good tutorials on YouTube.

Hi David

Try these for help for painting eyes :-))


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