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Hydrogen fuel at sea.

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 An old friend of mine gave me some copies of the Numast union publications, an this article caught my eye as it is a topical subject at the moment for the future.

Looks like there is a computer malfunction somewhere in that the files are to big to upload to this site. Sorry everyone though I expect some one can help.!!

Capt Podge:
Hi dodes, both pages loaded ok on my android phone  :-))

I'll have to read later on the pc.

Thanks for putting it up on here.


Hyrodgen fuel storage  :o ...our Australian dingbat Politicians are suggesting we can be the green  Country for the World

Thats probably why they are suggesting the actual storage tanks are not permitted into the [ACT] Canberra....probably for fear of an explosion  >>:-( 


The problem in the ACT is pollie gas !!!


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