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Hello everybody,
I am not sure if I should have replied  to an existing thread or if a new thread is justified for this topic.

I recently bought a Hunt class destroyer from a long term member of this Forum. He will name himself should he wants to.


This is the HMS Grove , a very short lived Type 2 which went down in june 1942,  only  4 months after being commissioned.

The model was nicely built from a Sirmar semi kit (Hull + fittings)
Being at least 15 kg (31 Lbs) heavy, she is very steady on the water, with a nice presence.
Here are a few pictures made 04/06/2022 during the Massy Boat Modelling show (20Km south of Paris)



She is powered by 800 class MFA motors. I only feed her with 6V in order to minimize consumption. Her sheer weight produces
quite some momentum when I turn. This needs getting used to.

There is some work to do as I am thinking about transforming her into the sole Hunt Class destroyer that was leased to the Free French.
Tgere are also improvements in order regarding the water tightness of the decks.
Lastly, I am under the impression that the propeller shafts have a bit too steep an angle compared to the waterline.

Would someone know a source for a digital plan of the Hunt class destroyers ? 
I only found a 1/96th scale at Sarik Hobbies. They only accept  to send me a paper copy, which would require me to pay heavy shipping fees, import tax and scanning fees..
Regretfully, Barry from Sirmar Fittings can't help me 

Best regards from Paris

Hello Valery,

Have you tried Vintage Model Plans? They are based in Canada, but will either ship plans to Europe or may be able to email digital plans. They have plans for a lot of warships, although I do not know if they have a Hunt class destroyer.

May be worth checking their website?



Hello Tony
Thank you for the kind link. This leads to an historical novel that depicts events around the sole French Hunt class Destroyer : La combattante 
A very interesting link but regretfully, I could not find any further clue for a plan.

Hello Peter.
Thank you for the nice tip. They offer a wealth of plans indeed, with Flower corvettes and V&W destroyers for instance.
 Despite my careful search, I could not find any plan for  Hunt class Destroyers.  I will write to them nevertheless.

Kind regards


Hi Valery,

This should give you the correct angle for the shaft but as to the fittings, armament etc. in Free French hands????? Fairfield Shipbuilders archives are at Glasgow City Museum including loads of drawings etc but how far do you want to go and how much do you want to spend? National Maritime Museum should have plans of the correct Hunt group but at 90.00 per sheet it could be rather expensive.


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