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Having deliberately bought a first boat which is in need of some work, I have a beginner question for you:

The fixings (nuts and bolts, etc) currently in use in the boat are almost exclusively brass. As I come to replace some of them and install new things, I can use either brass or stainless steel. What are the pros and cons of each of these? (My boat will frequently be run in salt water.)

Thanks in anticipation.

Well Mr really depends on what you are aiming for  %)

If for scale appearance, Knupffer in Germany produce Model Sized bolts & nuts with smaller size hex
Standard M3 bolt & nut are manufactured from 5.37mm AF material
Model size M3 bolt & nut are manufactured from 3.95mm AF
Knupffer produce these model size in carbon steel, stainless & brass

Naturally your brass & stainless are both considered non corrosive

If you are heavy-handed  <*<  the steel/stainless steel have approximately twice the yield strength over brass

The typical electronics Stores sell the standard size [large hex] small bolts & nuts , I am sure there is a UK supplier for model sized materials, Knuppfer also sell direct to World wide ...[even OZ]

These are both M3 [standard size] hex head stainless to the left, them M3 [Model size] brass on the right


if you run in salt water then stainless steel is the way to go, brass exudes a horrible green gunge is you have not got rid of every trace of salt water, been there, nemesis

Colin Bishop:
Agree with Nemesis, brass really does not like salt water. Go stainless.


Thanks, folks, Stainless Steel it is then!


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