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Parat tug hull, best glue/resign for using on the hull



The parat hull is vac moulded I think. Whatís the best glue for using to stick other plastic parts to hull and other materials?

Any help appreciate


Jerry C:
I built ďParatĒ and used superglue throughout. A great model from Graupner. Two glaring errors however. First, no speed controller required, just an on/off switch. Second only 3 servos required. The fourth is replaced by an idler and driven by number three servo. On a Voith tug there are only three controls. Two levers for ahead and astern thrust and a wheel for athwartships thrust. Motors (and rotors run continuously). How do I know? I was Master of the real thing and others.

Jerry C.


Thanks for reply. U donít think the super glue goes brittle after a while? I like marine bond donít think it will grip enough.
Agree about voiths, my current vessel I work on has a set of 36ís


Chances are that the hull is ABS. Gropener seemed to favour this material. Normal ABS solvent type adhesives work, Balsa cement (UHU Hart), Ketones (ABS plumbing adhesives) but with ALL solvent adhesives, use sparingly - it MELTS the plastic.

  Regards  Ian


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