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Is any member aware of a problem in using LiPo batteries with Mtronic Esc with brushed motors?

Capt Podge:
Interesting topic.

I'm about to switch to Lipo for my huntsman and she is currently fitted with viper marine 20amp esc, along with twin 540 brushed motors.
I haven't started the switch over yet so I'll be tagging along with interest.

Over now to those with the experience...


Hi Gunner,  I have MTronics ESC's in most of my boats I've had no issues with running on Lipo's,  five boats with brushed motors and one with brushless motor/ESC.


Hi Bill,

Be aware of the ESC voltage cutoff capability so you don't drain the Lipo cell voltage lower than it's specification....


The Tio range and the 12v/12v HV range are both LiPo compatible, while the standard 6v/12v Vipers do not have low voltage protection for your LiPo battery, so would require some care in use with those batteries. Maybe a low voltage alarm in the balance lead would be a good option.


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