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Marking a Waterline

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How do people do this? I was thinking of making some kind of height gauge, but any suggestions are most welcome

I eventually bought an Amati tool do do the job but I have used wood blocks anf tins of the appropriate size. The tool is infinitely adjustable and saves me searcing hte workshop for something suitable.

John W E:
hi there

I made a gauge up from scap pieces of plywood and use a pencil clamped to the gauge to mark the waterline.

Thing to remember is - mark your bow and stern heights correctly and make sure they are levelled off (check this on a flat surface) and then draw your line around the hull.

I have also, in the past, read where people have filled a bath full of cold water and then sprinkle talcum power on top of the surface of the water and then place the hull in the water so that it is at the correct depth and when removing the hull from the bath water, the talcum power leaves a line around the hull at the correct level.    I haven't tried this idea myself, but, there are also numerous more methods out there.

No doubt someone else will come on here with an ingenious one.

Here are a couple of pics.

1,   Of the gauge I made

2.   The hull which I have previously marked off with this gauge and masking tape - and - it is now ready to be painted.


Colin Bishop:
John's method is simple,cheap and has always worked for me.


Mike S:
I've actually used the 'talcum powder in the bath' method. It was a tip from the late, great Vic Smeed in a copy of Model Boats magazine way back in the last century. It is especially suitable for complex hull shapes, and produces a very accurate result. The only drawback being, of course, that you have to clean the bath before one's 'significant other' returns home!




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