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"Crystal-Voyager" Australian prawn trawler

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Hi there, the next model under construction of a Gulf Of Carpentaria prawn trawler the "Crystal-Voyager"  83 ft she was built by the Davies Family ,she was built on the banks of the Shoalhaven River near Nowra launched on the 31 st March 1976, towed to Sydney by the "Ajax" then few days later run into while at the wharf by the car carrier "ANL-Australian-Searoader" she then ended up at the Ballina Slipway to have the damage repaired ,started her prawning career the following season in 1977. She was designed by Noel Riley ,her hull is sister ships to previous built trawlers the "Ramia-kathleen" & the "Hazel-Craig". This model comes in at 62 inchs the Keel stem etc is of Redwood and Cedar and the frames are of Beech, ( supplied by Kevin Rasmussen) and her hull sheeting is of 2.7 mm ply , cheers.

Steve Mahoney:
There's some tidy work in those frames already!

Hi there, thanks Steve,  in these next photo's used a piece of 1 inch thick meranti for the transom, showing her size alongside the "Beninda", and fairing off her frames, Cheers. :-)) ....

Capt Podge:
Crikey Brian, she looks enormous. What scale are you building to?

Ray B.

Mark T:
Hi Brian - here we go again for another fantastic build and she's enormous mate  :-))

I love seeing your boats come together with such fine joinery  O0   I also like the way you know the history of the boat too as I think it brings a model to life.

As always I'll be following and good luck - PS I hope you've got a crane  {-)


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