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Re: Another shout for help pleaseconcerning a Yorkshireman Tug.


old man:
Looking for someone local to Stafford for advice/help with above model.
Was a wild purchase of a very complex beast  :embarrassed:  unfortunately additionally complicated last week by an underwater entanglement with strands of very tough nylon disguised with weed  :embarrassed:

I will willingly pay for this help otherwise it will take me forever/if ever?

The scenario.
Complex electronics far beyond my understanding that maybe need simplifying. Concerns lighting/horn and twin motor/rudder control. Not sure Tx fit for purpose? This set up has never worked consistently.
Advice on ballasting, this loose and missing?
All compounded with an unseen entanglement that caused a breakage of one of the rudder pivot connections to a fixed kort and a loosened drive shaft shroud as I lifted it from the water not knowing of the nylon strands connected to bank reinforcement. Oops!

Apart from this it's perfect.  {-) {-) {-)

Sadly the eyesight and dexterity has diminished as well.

Anyone localish please?

Thanks for reading.

old man:
All fine now thanks, luckily a new club member hot on electronics.


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