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Dessie B:
Good evening all,
 I have'nt been modelling for a while and while recently clearing out some "clutter" I have come across my old MFA Seahawk.
It is an old fiberglass deep V hull with what I believe is called an out-rigger, where the prop turns with the rudder.
After many years of neglect it's looking a little sorry for itself, and I have decided to "do her up" so to speak.

When last out she was running on an MFA 850 Torpedo brushed motor and a 12v 7a battery, and not at all exciting and a bit of a let down to be perfectly honest so was stuffed into a corner of the attic and forgotten about.

I was wondering if a brushless motor and lipo batteries might liven her up but I would only have an entry level knowledge of this sort of thing, would anyone be able to suggest a setup that might add a bit of sparkle.

I can post a photo when I figure out how.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Dessie

Correct me if I'm wrong but "outrigger" usually means a hydroplane type craft, usually a very slim centre hull, not always but usually with two outer sponsors at the bow.  Your MFA is not an outrigger, especially with a deep vee and checking pics on Google.  I leave it to better knowledgeable to advise you from now.

Pictures are very easy. Reduce them to size and use the attachment button at the bottom of new posts.  I'm not sure if new users are still limited untill 10 posts or so though.

This though?

Dessie B:
Thanks RST,

yep, thats the very one.
I have'nt been boating for a while so I'm a little rusty.


Dessie B:
This what I meant.

Dessie B:
Sorry, i tried to post a photo there.

Anyway, I have been reading other posts on here about other similar sized boats ( old Precedent 48" Huntsman) power recommendations and wondered if a 5055 700kv motor with a 60amp ESC as I have one (without reverse) would be sufficient to replace the 850?

Haven't a clue about the battery yet. I was going by the recommended set-up of a Ripmax Quantum 2 ( which I already have) to get the same output as a .55 i/c engine, although it does mention a 5s 4500.

I'm sure the prop is a 50mm GRP that came with the kit.

thanks in advance,



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