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A KY model Norden becomes “Aberdeen Pilot Boat"

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A KY model Norden fishing boat kit becomes an “Aberdeen Pilot Boat” -not really close enough to boats 1 or 2 before so hypothetically pilot No 3 I think is probably more appropriate.

No rush to complete, I'll update in due course when I manage more on it.  It's all freelance based on pictures using the Norden hull and a few bits from that kit...


Wow, looks great!!
Will follow with interest.

Nice conversion Rich.

Looking forward to the next instalment.  :-))


Thanks folks,

I'm not using the KY kit contents very effectively so far, but the hull is the main starting point for me which was close-enough to No 1 and 2 to start from:

* Changed the prop-shaft for a more normal threaded 4mm version (cut-down slim-line 4" shaft from Caldercraft)
* The supplied 3 pole 380/400 motor put in the spares box straight away again and subsituted with an MFA RE385  Unfortunatey the beautiful rubber coupler sized for 3 and 2.3mm is sat spare (I can't find these listed anywhere, they must be a Chiness market thing).  Used the more normal Huco type universal joint instead
* The supplied wooden mount for the rudder servo was enlarged from the size for the supplied 9g servo to a 17g servo
* I didn't need to, but changed the rudder for something looking much more prototypical
* The deck house on the Aberdeen pilot 1 and 2 is down to deck level, I added an extension forwards so I can create a waterproof coaming big enough for easy-access to batteries etc. inside as well as a hatch forwards under the forwards hatch and railings
* Am afraid I wiped out most places of the old Robbe 40mm flat brass stanchions that were left as I realised I didn't have enough to complete (or for future models) ...I'm working away allot at the moment so updates will probably be sporadic, but you get the idea if it inspires any others!

PS:  The adverts for the KY models Norden are somewhat confusing.  Most of the specifications dictate 470'odd mm LOA and a 380 size motor.  But, all the pictures show a 3-D printed hull, much smaller, and a 130 flat motor in the parts!  Thanks to Alan for sending me pics of the actual kit contents after procrastinating to start this project for probably a year until I knew exactly what was expecting.



Are European Pilot boats round in the stern?


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