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Author Topic: Radar motor parts  (Read 712 times)


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Radar motor parts
« on: September 03, 2022, 11:18:23 pm »


Having asked Martin for .stl files to be enabled as attachments I must admit I don't share much as there's usually so much work in making them right I don't want to give much away for free!

But I thought these might be useful?

I often use mini gear motors from component shop for radar drives...

...For these motors I personally just keep things simple and fit a single AA battery holder and just fit a battery in and out of place each time.  Yoou can of course fit them off a switched channel with suitable controller fitted -these are available easy enough off the internet powered direct from the receiver (no external battery).

I have a mount / housing and a drive "coupler" to convert the "X" on the gearbox output to a 2mm shaft.  They work in ABS or PLA.  The transceiver and shaft are just mock-ups here as an example (shaft just a cocktail stick) but you get the idea!  Only thing to be careful of is on the gluing together.  I recommend the "housing / mount" for the motor is not permanently bonded because if the scanning head gets broken you want to be able to pull it off again to get access to the coupler -which has to be firmly glued on the shaft each end.

...Hope these parts are of interest.  I printed my latest batch solid on my Guider II at 0.12mm with an external brim which just snaps off -not really any other clean-up needed if they are printed one part at a time (think it was 20mins for the housing and 6 for the coupler).  Note: you might need to sand the faces of the connector for minute clearances to suit.

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