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Author Topic: newproject decision for nest or worse  (Read 1019 times)


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newproject decision for nest or worse
« on: January 22, 2008, 02:06:34 AM »

well the decision is made and i am goig to try and run withit for as long as i can.being less thahalf the modeller iwas beforejuly 2007 i thought the eseasiestway out for me wolud have been toscratch build everything but as plans are either very hard to comeby now or i'mjust not looking in the right places.however after acouple ofweeks of full time fruitless searching i decided to try and build a boat from the ground up. thats from finding a pictureor 2 of what i like get some basic details and try to make it from my own lines as i had previously built a 45 ft steel boat from flat sheets of 6mmm mild sttel i thought i could do it. ha ha justhow wrong can you be. 1st problem was i didn'thave ANY  lines to work to at all or any idea of how to get any.  beinging quite a bit disabled now means i can't just pop out and get pen paper wf==or whatever i want to likemagazimeswith pictures in to give me idea's'and i forgot how longit takes me to write these damn posts with th constant corrections for spellimg oh yow i miss the ability to type with 2 hands. sorri lads justroundihg off to get rid of the fraistrations that build up inside me some days when nothing runs smoothly.anyway i couldn't find a good book to try to learn how convert the measurements to frame line however i did think of a way that i can get thr frames madeusing similar mrthods to the real buid i did 20 odd years ago. so we'll see what transpires,youlot will bee the first ones to hear about it if it worksand as i buid i post on our favorite website dacks killing me lads got to go nite nite. god bless.roy
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