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As I said in my RTR tug rebuild I have been researching/building a 1/12th scale model of a 35'6" Self Righting Motor Lifeboat for a gentleman in Whitehills, Scotland, who is converting the old RNLI station to a house. The boat was the 'RNLB Civil Service No4' built in 1932 by J.S.White's at a cost of 3,342, powered by a 35 bhp Weyburn AE6 petrol engine and was stationed in Whithills from 1932-48. After being sold out of sevice in 1948 it was last heard of in 1970 being used as a private yatch in Newfoundland.

After a great deal of searching a profile/deck plan was found and rescaled to 1/12th. Half patterns for the hull sections were made and then transfered to the ply ready for cutting. The keel section was made from three layers of ply as this class of boat had a drop keel which was used when under sail.

Keel sandwich and drop keel.

When the 'keel sandwich' glue had set, the keel and bulkheads were set up on the building jig to ensure that there would be no warping until the planking could be added. The bevel gears for the steering gear were alsao added at this stage as the shafts will be 'buried' after planking.

Steering gear in close up and the shaft support built and fastened in place.

Next phase was to add the decking as it is easier to do now than when the hul planking gets in the way! The caulking between the planks is chocolate brown paper strips glued between the planks.


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