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Author Topic: Reason to diet!  (Read 917 times)

Colin Bishop

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Reason to diet!
« on: March 17, 2008, 08:46:45 pm »

I have spent today painting my bottom.

Actually it's the bottom of my 1:1 scale boat a 21ft yacht and it's now a tasteful blue to match mine as it was a bit chilly on the coast today.

I have long been aware that a reduction in my own displacement would not go amiss but when faced with all the nice goodies there are to eat these days it is very easy to overlook this.

This was brought home to me in no uncertain tems this morning. My boat sits on a trailer in the boatyard on the South Coast. On arrival, I noticed it had been moved a few yards by the yard staff to give access to other nearby boats. No problem thought I. In my usual carefree way I leapt for the boarding ladder on the stern to pull myself aboard. It was then that I discovered that the wooden shore which supports the back of the boat had been removed but not replaced.....

I was left with 21ft of boat and trailer sitting in my lap until I let go.

Sometimes the message is all too clear.... :embarrassed: :embarrassed: :embarrassed:


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Re: Reason to diet!
« Reply #1 on: March 18, 2008, 10:34:20 am »

Colin, a lady's bottom on your lap doesn't sound like a bad thing to me! :D It sounds like the writing is on the wall for your own displacement though.
 Don't go for diets, they are a system of weight loss designed to make you miserable and fail as I found out many times. I did lose two and a half stone over the course of a year just by cutting down on the quantity of food going down my throat and tried to stay away from chips and the like.... and all that with little or no excersise! Its a long term thing and it works and I suppose if you bear in mind that the hole in the face is bigger than the hole at the rear it might help with keeping to a change in eating habits.
Worth a try. O0
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