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Welcome to the Mayhem Build Masterclasses

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Martin [Admin]:

Welcome to the Mayhem Build Masterclasses!

In this section you will find a selection of build topics which the Moderating Team consider exemplify the spirit of excellence in boat modelling. Each one comprises both text and pictures presented in a way which is both instructional and informative and which we hope will be inspirational.

All types of boats may be featured and it is intended that the builds will cater to all levels of ability from the beginner to the experienced modeller alike.

Entries in this section will generally deal with complete build projects only. Topics covering specific techniques or subjects and specialist tutorials can be found under the appropriate heading in the Nautical College main section of the Forum.


 I don't know if you accept nominations for the Master Builder Section, but if you do I'd like to nominate Gerry George and his TID tug build from scratch. His work definitely fits th master builder quality you're looking for.


I will second that John. Excellent workmanship.

I third that vote.. He is with out a dout the man for that class.

Without doubt it certainly was a master class and deserving of such an award.

I would however also nominate Bluebird purely for the reason that his builds in that section start with a beginners and moves on.  It really is step by step tuition all for free.  For me - a beginner in scratchbuilding - I could follow his masterclass and achieve excellent results in particular with Cervia.  On line tuition that is second to none.


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