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Colin Bishop:
This is good stuff Bryan. can I ask:

1. What are the plates made of and how did you reproduce the riveting.

2. Did you plate "by eye" or go the whole hog with a shell expansion plan?


This is more like it Bryan. Fascinating stuff. O0

Bryan  what is the superstructure made from ? Plasticard? If so how thick is the stuff you are using and what do you use to stick it together ?


Robert Davies:

--- Quote from: Bryan Young on September 05, 2007, 07:56:29 pm ---This is a basic 2mm ply structure covered with 15 though plasticard. Do I really need to tell you how I stuck it on?

--- End quote ---

Yes you do Bryan! :) The last ply/plasticard sandwich I glued together warped and bubbled to a somewhat horrifying degree. What are your favoured adhesives for this type of composite work?


oops missed that bit   ::)


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