A day out in Australia....
Photos - Steve Middlebrook  

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Gíday Martin,

 Went for a drive today and got some good pictures of the entrance to Port Phillip Bay which is where all the shipping that is bound for Melbourne has to navigate. It is a very treacherous stretch of water and we were lucky enough to have a good day with little wind, plenty of sunshine and a lovely temperature of 28c. So a picnic lunch was packed and of we went.

Thought you might like a look al some of our country side and weather, sorry if the weather gets you depressed but thatís how it is here sometimes.

Cheers Steve,
I tried to make a power point presentation but I think I am to old to work it out, might have to get the 9 year old next door to come over and show me how to do it, donít you hate that?

My Mota!

The best view of all..... Steve.

   Click here for model boats -  Australian  style!