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Author Topic: TAMIYA 1/350 #78018 US Navy Battleship BB-63 Missouri MODEL KIT NEW 77cm!  (Read 9253 times)


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Re: TAMIYA 1/350 #78018 US Navy Battleship BB-63 Missouri MODEL KIT NEW 77cm!
« Reply #25 on: September 20, 2013, 02:07:38 am »

Ah yes I forgot, I had a look at the link and yes it's a beautiful Model Harquebus, but in my defence I chose to not go ahead with A. The wooden decking. B. The upgrade etch kit.
Reasons I explained under the amount of movement, travelling and sailing my Missouri is doing. I am certain a lot of parts would have been lost or come adrift. As it is luckily Tamiya give you spare small bofors etc of which I had to replace. You don't know they are missing until you get home, no matter how careful you are.
WHERE THE HELL DID THAT GUN GO TO? Plastic glue I have found out is not that strong.
So if you do decide to sail your model shipmate, it could happen to you. I guess all i am saying is be prepared.:-)


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Plastic glue can be very strong if it is allowed to 'weld' one plastic piece to another. In fact, for most assembly I recommend liquid cement applied with a brush. Place two pieces together and brush the seam with the cement and the cement will run the length of the joint by capillary action. I'll often allow the pieces to get quite soft after application of cement and then mash the pieces together until the melted plastic and glue oozes from the seam. But I digress.

I am finding out my Revell/Otaki New Jersey has missing pieces. The kit is long out of production (or is it?) so what is the best alternative? Ordering spare parts from Tamiya's Missouri! So I'll end up with a Franken-Iowa class.  :((

Here's the newer Revell version of the same kit, the Missouri this time.

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