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So you properly know by now that I am a bit of a nut case when it comes to boats but the only way I will ever get one is to have remote controlled boats, the tug boat Iím building is coming along slowly.

I swapped the 5 foot ketch at Easter time for a Victoria Class Yacht and it sails really well, but I canít leave well enough alone so I decided to customize it a little bit. Hope you like the results


Gíday Martin

Another launch ay Surrey Park Model Boat Club today and it was a quiet affair without the fanfare, but the size of this lady is very impressive I didnít have a tape measure on hand to get all the relevant details but have a look at picture number 7 to get an idea of the size (yes it a normal packet of smokes on the deck) there are plans for some railing, a small crane, crayfish pots and people to be added, but I believe it would be possible to put a small child onboard without to many hassles. Powered by a 750 motor spinning a single propeller about 3 inches in diameter she went well but it already looks like she needs to be re-powered as with a direct drive the motor is getting very hot (or you could just put a pot over it and cook the crayfish as they are caught) all in all another brilliant model at the lake, will endeavor to keep you up to date with the project as news comes to hand.

Cheers Steve

Well depending on which part of the world up live in there are a number of names that this boat could be called, here in Australia we have Crayfish other places have Lobster, but enough of the lessons.

Have a look at the attached pictures of a well detailed and finished model boat, powered by a car heater fan motor she goes well and itís a job well done. The fisherman on the back with the water flow out of the hose is a nice touch.


Gíday Martin
I thought that you might like a couple of pictures of my model motor yacht. I got it a couple of weeks ago at a club swap meet as a ready to run model itís about 4,1/2 feet long with a 6 volt motor in it with a speed control that I have installed and it is great fun.

I have also got a kit for the Yorkshire man on the way and hopefully will get it a couple of weeks and then get into building it (I hope) I will keep you up to date on the progress as I go.


December 2004

Gíday All.
Hope that you still have all your hair and youíre not getting any more grey hair (I got heaps so donít worry)

Well Xmas is all done for another year, didnít have a hang over after this one though!

On Xmas day have in Melbourne a P&O Cruise ship was in port and it was a big news item on the TV as it was the biggest moving object to ever come to Melbourne, Iím not exactly sure of the size but on the Telly it was said she is over 1000 feet long 18 decks high and with a gross weight of over 110,000 tones the ship is the Emerald Princess and I have attached a couple of pictures for you. We couldnít get to close to her and the crowds were very large but the funniest thing was that a mate of mine was working on her for the day; he drives the Mobile Crane that is sitting up on the wharf near the Bow. Apparently the Bow Thrusters have expired already (not bad for a ship that is only 6 months old) His job was to lift the units out and place them onto a truck for repairs to be done.  

We are also expecting the Queen Elizabeth II in port this coming February and even though she is smaller than the Emerald Princess I still think that the QE II is a better looking ship.

The other ship in the picture is The Spirit of Tasmania II which is owned by the Tasmanian Government (you know the Island that is at the bottom of down under, it was once called Van Demons Land, the place where all the convicts were sent) there are three of these ship two of which run a crossing twice a day in the summer and once a day in the winter with the third ship going between Sydney and Devonport. Devonport is also where the ships out of Melbourne go as well. Not to bad when quite a few years ago Australian National Line (ANL) stopped the service because it wasnít making a profit. Now there is enough for three ships to operate from two cities.

Catch up with you soon
Cheers Mate - Steve

  February 2005 

Gíday Martin

Howís life treating ya? It was Sail day at Surrey Park Model Boat Club on Sunday and there was a total count of 22 yachts in the club house for the day and every one had a good time. The only problem was that I didnít get to take a picture of all of them.

It was launch day for another boat as well and The Sloop Britannia performed well, even though it was sailed around the lake Friday night as Barry didnít want to run the risk of a minor stuff up that we all could see (like it falling over and not coming back up) or a major stuff up (like it sinking) but much to Barryís credit none of this happened and she sails beautifully. The only drama was after fully rigging her and putting her on the water is that there was just a bit too much sail for the wind on the day, so the top sails were removed and away she went.

It is a lovely finished model and entirely scratch built including all the brass work and decking and well worth the 12 months spent building. All that needs to be done now is work out some way of giving her a bit more battery life, but I have complete confidence that the problem will be fixed quick smart.

Cheers Steve
Ps; I was wondering how many beers I would have put into this build?

Hi Martin, 
I've attached a pic of Steve's best side!

He's taking pics of a power boat to send I think.
Jason Pilgrim  ;-)

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