Brian Clark-  H.M.S. Killingworth.

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Part 3
The ship is coming along quite well now... I knew if I got her into the water, before starting the ships boats they would not be built ! So I forced myself to make a start... first I made the plug, in timber for the carvel planked yawl... I did not fancy planking it and then trying to get a smooth hull... So I vacuum formed it , intending planking the inside for the timber effect. The two other boats ... Cutter & Dinghy... were planked on removable bulkheads... Using yellow tinted silk finish varnish on the inside and white silk finish on the outside.

The old camping trailer I had was rebuilt to take the launching trolley. Making transport very easy! The Ship is now ready to rig, after completing all the small fittings and internal machinery. The 6 channel R.C. Tx. has been converted to 9 operations, These being... Props...Rudder...Jib sails...Main Sails...Foresails...Driver sail... Anchors... Arming the Guns+lights... & Firing the 12 Guns, Either Port or Starboard single or random!  The Guns use a propellant powder charge.  But have no white smoke just yet... This has to be overcome?

I have just received the colour T.V. Camera & Transmitter that operates from the Ships Stern Davit... This provides a shore link to a monitor, giving a panning shot over deck as the rudder tiller turns the camera into the intended heading !!! Just like being on board ?

Regards Brian

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