Brian Clark-  H.M.S. Killingworth.

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Part 4
Hi Martin, We have been away visiting the family's for 3 months... In Phuket ...Thailand. So that held up the build for some time... But on our return I got stuck in ... First I sorted out how to make smoke for the cannons, Using Pyrodex (It's Legal ) for gun powder & adding some Plummer's pipe leek detector tablet, ground into powder gave the smoke effect ...

The guns are fired by 12 volts being put through a fine cables which are weakened in the middle of the charge, The charges are all hand rolled... Using Cigarette Paper !!! They do smoke !!!

I had to complete the standing rigging before the sails were fitted and checked for correct movement, and be able to fold or remove... But this made the wiring difficult and time taking to work out and install.

She was finally ready to launch last at the end of August... Total Construction Time 3 Years 3 months !
So with help from The Killingworth Model Boat club ( Mr. Sid Bell,) ... We rolled the launching trolley out of the
converted camping trailer down to the launching ramp on Killingworth lake...

We unfolded the two masts ...hooked up the 4 twin shrouds... raised the Jib sails & freed the driver sail... then switched on TX. & RX. ( Total Time from arrival - to Rig - and Launch 12 minutes ) Gave a quick test then slipped her into the lake... We could not believe it ... she floated dead on the water line... with the stern just slightly down... A.O.K. I was sure I would have to ballast her trim? The launching trolley was also trying to float under the hull, from the air in the tyres... Will have to stop that ! Trying the twin screw's forward & backwards looked in Scale... Steering worked O.K. on full power - but low speed had hardly any control... ( I have now since doubled the length of the false rudder ) Ready for the next sail ...

There was a slight breeze picking up so we dropped the fore sail... And let her go... Wow, she leaned slightly then moved off into the lake ... " She's Beautiful " came comments from behind !

The next trip will have full sail tests... with larger rudder & the steering gear improved ... The toothed belt was jumping over the teeth !!!

Second Sailing
The second sailing had a larger rudder fitted...  And it did make difference when sailing slow ... But being very nervy and not used the room she needs when making a turn I kept her in the middle of the lake !    

The first half dozen turns she stalled half way , so a push with the twin screws gets her round ...
To overcome those stalls I realized ...  keep the full speed ,  turn the yards and at the same time send over the rudder!!!    The rudder & yards are geared very high... and the ships wheel turns scale speed... and takes time ...    so every move has to be thought out in advance !!!   When coming back she rammed the dock ...  my slow rudder turn !!!     This smashed the jib tip & took out No. 1 sail...
Repairing a shortened jib & leaving No.1 sail off,   Makes the jib less venerable when sailing & loading into the transporting trailer much easier !!!     Fitting another even larger rudder she sailed for the 3rd time...  last Sunday with the Killingworth Model Boat Club...    She now makes full turns without engines... I find her a real pleasure to sail...   just watching her move, I forget to control her !!!   We had a steady breeze so I dropped all but one of the sails...  as the breeze took her she leaned slightly and shot off...  on a gust of wind the cannon ports slide along the surface,  but did not take any water on deck...  "I had not sealed the two large hatches"    She has a ships cutter mounted on the stern davits but it fills up with the wash of the stern... better keep it off for sailing !!!
I have found a way to make smoke for the cannons,  And  made up a dozen charges...  Next sailing, I hope
to see the result of a few shots !   to be recorded on video & stills.           
Regards Brian


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