Brian Clark-  H.M.S. Killingworth.

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Hi all ,    Just an update on my Square Rigger.....  H.M.S. Killingworth. 
I have proceeded well into the construction now .....with Masts...Yards... and Standing Rigging completed...    
All 12 cannons are now mounted onboard.....    
The 12 sails including bolt ropes are also finished .....    

The model had to be moved from the 12 by 8 garden shed as it was proving far to small to work in.........because of  the erection of the masts & standing rigging ! 

Because designing working gear as I construct I have made ALL parts removable....   ie:   changes of design. That includes, sails, standing ,and running gear..... also pulley blocks   

I have given a lot of thought to the transport of this model.... So both of the masts are hinged just above the fighting tops.....       By removing brass pins !     they can be folded forward held & locked.     It should be possible to rig this model in about 10 minutes on site ! 

Regards, Brian

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