Schnellboot - My Build of Jack's Robbe S130.                                      
Part 1 - Hope & optimism.

Click photos to enlarge. First take everything out the box and identify and label each part. This took about 3 hours!

Lots of bits and lots of bags.

The hull is a beautiful moulding but with some tricky cut-outs.
I pondered long and hard before cutting anything out... three days in fact!
The stern is an interesting shape - lopsided!
This is done the instruction assures me is to counteract torque of the three motors....... I'm not convinced!
I chickened out of doing anything with the hull - 'The first cut is the deepest etc.' I decided to make up the motor mount first.
The motors are mounted on 2 ABS plates I found that the marks for the holes were slightly out!
Next job was to wire up the motors.
First on were the electrical noise suppression capacitors.
Quite fiddly.
Next on would be the wires and Electronic Speed Controller.
Very tricky.
After quite a bit of fiddling, cursing and burnt fingers - job done.
Not tested electrically yet, I'll leave that till later when it will be really hard to get at the motors and wiring!
First test fitting in the boat, all OK.
Back to the hull. I can't put it off any longer, I've got to do something with it.
After a strong drink of .... Ribena I drilled the prop shaft and rudder holes... and passed out!
When I can too, I then got out my wife's best kitchen scissors and headed for the trim line....
After trimming all the hull out it didn't look too bad. It all looks ok but it's hard to tell how much trouble I'm really in this early in the build.
Another dry fit, this time with the motor, prop shafts & rudders.
Although the motors are relatively small, she's starting to look very powerful.
Not lined up yet but interesting to see that the 2 outer rudder don't line up with the outer props!