Schnellboot - My Build of Jack's Robbe S130.                                     
Part 12 - FINISHED!!!!.

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All the final fitting were painted and attached. It's surprising how long all this takes, The boat seems finished so how come I was round 'Bradders' till after 11:00?? - wind-bagging I guess....!


We had a bit of a problem with the front cleats which necessitated the replacement of both so as to have a matched pair. We didn't like the foot grating around the mid-ships gun and tried 2 or 3 replacement options but opted for the kits sticker as once on the deck didn't look too toy-like.

Reminiscing over the build, I most pleased how the bow quarters have turned out, 'Bradders' really pulled-one-out-the-hat!  He said he could sort it out but it's turned out much better than I could have hoped for.

  To my surprise, I find the overall proportions of the boat are quite pleasing, long sleek and purposeful.  

  We didn't like the "Robbe" stickers that are meant to be stuck on the flanks of the cockpit so we are planning something else...!  

  The deck now has a 'busy' look to her.  'Bradders' paint scheme is quite interesting as it breaks up the grey only colour scheme and accentuates various features of the deck equipment.  

'Bradders' also opted to paint the foredeck a darker colour. We discussed this at length and looked at the photos on    in the end, no one really remembers what colour schemes the Schnellboots were and the only photos of them are black & white. So this is definitely the correct colour scheme, prove us wrong!

  We also added armour plate hatches for the cockpit - it must have been hell steering these boats in the heat of a battle!  

The main deck has lots of clutter and if someone has the time, lots of scale detail could be added.

  I broke both torpedo launchers free accidentally which brought a sharp outburst from 'Bradders' but I find tears are useful in these situations.

Gluing them back was quite a problem and I had to resort to Evostick to hold them!


The final job was to add stays to the hatches to prevent loss at sea during battle. These were small sections of wood with strong cord attached. The rear hatch is connected to the middle hatch, the front hatch is attached to the underside of the deck.

The battery holder is "blue tacked" in place for final positioning during sea trials.


The only thing not fitted is the false radio aerial, we haven't fitted it as joins the foredeck to the main battery hatch and will get in the way, especially when we come to shipping it back to Ireland! Not sure how we are going to ship... anyone got any ideas?


Well what do you think then?
Marks out of 10?

Well all this just my opinion, but what do I know !

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