Schnellboot - My Build of Jack's Robbe S130.                                     
Part 13 - Sea Trials.

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Once your boat is complete, wait for a bright, windy autumnal day to launch your boat! - The windier the better & launch it into the sun so you can't really see what's on!

In actual fact it was too windy really but we were confident of that the hatches were secure, she had lots of positive buoyancy and we knew that the Peterborough rowing lake was not more than 3 feet deep - wadable!


.... Before launching your boat make sure everything is secure, do a range check on the radio... take 2 steps back and throw in at shoulder height.......!

( 3.3 Meg Quicktime video )

This is also just before one of us lost a mobile phone
 to the murky depths!!!!!

  We were a little unsure of the waterline but it was spot on without any ballast - more of this in the conclusion.  


In it first trim / set-up the boat sat happily on it's waterline and evenly Port - Starboard.


The first few runs we took it very gingerly - 1/4 speed on the telegraph - all was well. Handling was good and even both ways. It leans quite a bit into right-hand turns but this is to be expected with three motors turning away anti-clockwise.



Then we got a bit braver.....

( 1.5 Meg Quicktime video )
This boat is powerful and fast, in fact we though too fast. In scale terms she must  be doing about Mk II, way, way to fast - exciting & fun but much too fast.

Here's  2 pictures, almost, of the S130 at full speed!

We soon settle down to putting the S130 trough the rest of her paces. She much prefers to turn to Starboard except at high speed when she doesn't like to turn at all !!! -

What out Jack, she's bit unpredictable at full speed and on a fully charged battery!


The battery - a Sanyo / Ripmax 8.4v 2000mAh is powerful but lasted over 20 mins without showing much sign of running down, in fact we had had enough before the battery gave up!

  We brought the S130 back to the workshop, 'ragged' her down and did a debrief.:

"Not happy with the rudder response, way too fast and seems to be ridding a bit nose high."
  The battery tray was taken out, the 'toe' holder was cut back by about 10mm to allow the battery to be changed more easily at lake side. the rubber band holder were also removed as they just kept getting in the way, You could use a bit of 'Blue-tac' to hold the battery in if you feel the need to but the battery is very stable in it's  holder.
  To get the front to come down, the battery holder was moved 50mm forward, access to the ESP ( Electronic Speed Controller ) in now through the forward hatch.

We revisited the rudder links again to increase the throw. this only required moving the push rod up one single hole on the servo are. This then caused so many other problems, the stern fixed down hatch hat to be removed, all the inter-links to be remade, the rudder shafts removed & refitted, everything re-centred and reassembled - time taken 4 hours!!!

It was also somewhere around this point that one of us noticed that something didn't quite look right on the decks...... 30 minutes later we had removed and corrected the mid and tail gun positions.... by swapping them around!

The next day was much calmer and with everything jigged about and corrected we set of for the Osier sea..

At full throttle she is still nose high but much better ride angle at proper /scale speeds
One thing that shows up when turning to Starboard is the fact that she's so willing to turn that she leans into the corner almost 45! When she does this, the Port prop comes right up out of the water!!!! She then losses purchase on her rudders and zooms of in a straight line... watch out for this little vice Jack!
More video clips with S-130 in her final configuration...

Wave jumping
1 Meg Quicktime

Drive By
3.1 Meg Quicktime

3 Meg Quicktime

 Backing up
3.1 Meg Quicktime

    Getting back to normal speeds, all is well. She's a 'wet boat' - water everywhere and she ships quite a bit but nothing to worry about, you just have to remember to suck it all out at the end of the day - I'll supply a syringe when I send you the boat Jack.
  So there we have it - she's built and she works - well!
We'll be sorry to see her go but we are only the ship yard builders -  'Bradders' & me......!

And so to the conclusion........


Well all this just my opinion, but what do I know !

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