Schnellboot - My Build of Jack's Robbe S130.                                     
Part 10 - The home stretch.

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Well what a difference a week makes!
The boat is starting to look something like the box lid which is a surprise not only to me, 'Bradders' but also to my work colleges that have been following this site.

To quote John;
'It's amazing you've got that from what came out of the box!"

A lot of wire work this week. First to be completed was the aerial spreaders. The tips of these spreaders was missing from the kit so I soldered  tiny brass tubes to the end of steel RC push rods....  

The front aerial supports were made from left over rail stantions. Not perfect but no two S boots were every the same so you prove me wrong! ;-)  

The front hand rails were also fixed in place but not the front mast - the one on the box just doesn't look right so I'll have a think about it over the weekend.  

One of the most prominent fitting of the kit are the rear hand rails. Do you know, these were easy to fit, fitted properly first time and look really good!!! I have subsequently found out that the stantions and rails are a common fitting across the Robbe range - so that explains that!  

They do look good though. Pity they are all going to be sprayed dull grey.

The last bit of fabrication was the depth charges & drop rails. This is quite a intricate fitting and could well have done with a proper moulding but at this stage of the game - at least the raw materials was in the kit if not a recommended method of manufacture!  

All the bits have been, made, everything has been accounted for, the paint shop has been notified.

Those torpedo rails were a real @*&%$ to make up, I must have superglued myself to them about 10 times!

I was quite pleased that we had so many bits not attached to the boat at this stage. Usually I have most bits fixed down and end up giving myself headaches when I want to paint everything. This mainly due to 'Bradders' badgering, thanks dude!  

So that's it!
A couple more trips down to 'Bradders' German S Boot fabrication, repair & spray shop' this weekend should see off the painting.....

... a few more hours on the bench, sea trials and a bit of packing and we're all done!
Isn't funny that after a build, when you've checked all the plans, instructions and the boat, when you look in the box you always find bits left over that you have no idea where they could possibly go!

I recognise a few... but as for the rest??????!?

I've had a rotten cold all week and the 'S boot' seemed to sense this and decided that it would "play ball" for a while. Good job too else it may have got it's sea trials a stage too early and not from a gently sloping slipway either!!

PS. Anyone know where I can get scale German sailors and a good scale flag?

Well all this just my opinion, but what do I know!

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