Schnellboot - My Build of Jack's Robbe S130.                                     
Part 11 - An artist at work.

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Back down to 'Bradders' place this week.
A bit more rubbing down and a wash and we were ready to mark the waterline.

The instructions state the water line is 12mm down from the underside of the rear rubbing strake and the same amount on the front if the boat is place level on the stand - how do you put a round bottom boat level in a stand???!?

Best guesses again here and a lot of levelling and eyeing up!  

This is 'Bradders' patented water-marking-constant-level-device!
When doing this, take ages in making sure both side of the boat are level - Starboard to Port & don't anyone like me move  it after you have set it all up. Opps!  Sorry!

Once the line is clearly marked, masking off can commence.

Once carefully masked off, rub the edges down over and over again. Cover the rest of the boat with newspaper and tape it down to just below the masking line.

Rub down your masking tape again and clean your hull with a 'tack' cloth, "lightly fry in olive oil and leave to stand for 2 hours!"  

After MUCH discussion, argument, threats, a lot of finger pointing,  and crying, I was convinced to go with 'Bradders' paint scheme! Dark grey underside, light grey on top.

 We are using car plastic bumper paint as it has a stain finish

Two of the hatches are fixed down semi permanently, only to be removed in times of major maintenance, these were fixed town with silicon bath type sealant.

Well I haven't been round 'Bradders' place for the last couple of days but 'Bradders' assure me that it's still in one piece.


Well she's finally taking shape. 'Bradders' has filled and rub down all the final blemishes and spraying on the final coats of paint tonight and hopefully the protective satin coat of varnish this weekend. I should be at 'Bradders' now but it 12:30 AM and I'm typing this up instead !!!???

 Well that is for this week, hopefully to the water!

The more astute of you may have noticed that I haven't actually done anything on boat this week..... well that's just not true! I've!

Well all this just my opinion, but what do I know!

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